April 30, 2020
April 30, 2020


Crime scene cleanup


At Biohazard Cleaning Pro, we have a team of highly skilled cleaners who are well versed in cleaning crime scenes. We understand how delicate and sensitive crime scenes are, which is why we only use the best technicians to handle such situations. These scenes contain quite a good number of risks and health hazards, ranging from bodily fluids and blood to debris and broken glass, and not forgetting needles and syringes. What’s more, whether it was burglary, assault, or an illegal drug scene in your premises, just know that we have the knowledge to handle every scene.


Once the police are done with a crime scene, the health hazards still remain. Now that’s where we will come in. We will come in with all the chemicals, personal protective equipment (PPE) and equipment need to conduct a thorough decontamination process throughout the entire area, eradicating all the risks present – both visible and invisible. Trust that we will leave the environment as it was initially.


After calling us, we will be on-site in a matter of hours, and we will be as discrete as possible when handling the scene. And in case there are hazardous materials at the scene, we will remove them from that location, carry them to go and dispose them of in a proper dumping site. Basically, our aim will be to ensure that everything will be back to normal and risk and hazard-free. Just give us a call to discuss our offering to you.

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