April 30, 2020
April 30, 2020




In our extreme cleaning services, we are able to clean a property that has been hoarding stuff or months. Given how dusty and unhygienic these properties are, we only use the best hygiene experts to take care of it. See, after being inhabited for years, probably by persons with disabilities or mental illness, the place may be in a very unpleasant condition. But we will clean that property with the thoroughness that will guarantee the elimination of all potential hazards within the hoarded site.


Hoarding Cleanup


Cleaning a hoarding site typically involves removing a combination of debris and filth from hoarding, faecel matter, body fluids, drug paraphernalia, expired food, excessive trash, mold, odour, mildew, boxed items, an infestation of rodents, lice and other insects from the hoarding site. In addition, there are a number of legal requirements that need to be adhered to before you are allowed to eliminate the biohazards. This is due to the danger these biohazards pauses if they are mishandled. We have the experience, expertise, and tools to do this job, so, you shouldn’t worry you even a little bit.


When cleaning, due to the gross filth in these areas, we decontaminate the area before the cleanup process kick-starts. Sites with excessive amounts of junk and animal faeces are highly risky as they tend to generate awful odours, which triggers breathing problems. Therefore, such sites are strongly and thoroughly deodorized to get rid of the smell.


Yes, when you look at some of the hoarded sites, you will surely see a great deal of junk and faecal matter, but the truth is, our professional hygiene experts will reveal a significant amount of junk and insects even in the most hidden place – places you would never think to look. We will ensure that we turn everything upside down when cleaning until the entire room is spotless. When it comes to biohazard cleaning, and more specifically, extreme cleaning, we don’t leave anything to chance, and we are also considerate of the environment while cleaning.

"A fast, reliable, and efficient service delivered exactly to specification. I found everything from organising the task to completion painless and was highly satisfied with the results."


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