April 29, 2020
April 29, 2020


Biohazard cleans


One of our main clients is factory owners. The reason being, factory environments are more susceptible to hazards, and that’s why they require biohazard cleaning from time to time. Now, as a company, we offer comprehensive industrial deep cleaning services to industrial plants and factories across the country. We help you maintain a hygienic environment throughout the entire facility, helping you adhere to the safety and hygiene standards set by the authorities.


We have helped a variety of industries maintain hygiene in their facilities. Our tasks range from kitchen deep cleaning, washroom deep cleaning, drain cleaning and so forth. One of our main principles has always been to protect the environment. Therefore, our cleaning specialists are always on the lookout for anything in the course of their work that would contaminate the surroundings, and they are able to adjust their approaches and deal with them immediately.


Drain Cleaning


There are three types of drainage systems, which include; foul water, which refers to the used water in a building, such as water from toilets, baths, showers, kitchen sinks, washing machines, dishwashers, and many others. Secondly, there is the surface water, which refers to the run-off water, or water from pavements. Thirdly, there are the effluent drains, which is the liquid waste from industries and factories.


Now, these drainage systems need to be disposed of properly, otherwise, they would lead to a bio-hazardous crisis, rendering the environment inhabitable by any living thing. Our drain cleaning and maintenance service ensure that the possibility of such disruptions is avoided and that your draining pipes are operating consistently and with maximum efficiency. We will also carry out an inspection of the entire drainage pipes – through our CCTV technology – which enables us to highlight any defective section of pipes. This allows us to repair these sections before the problem worsens.


Washroom Deep Cleaning


There is no argument that cleaning and effective removal of grime and dirt on washroom surfaces should be done daily. This is necessary because your washroom environment should always be clean and tidy. However, there are so many places in that washroom where you will find hidden embedded germs and bacteria building up. You will not find these spots when cleaning the washroom, but the truth is that they are there. And only a hygiene specialist would be able to know where to find these germs.


Our washroom deep cleaning involves cleaning and sanitising the toilets, basins, urinals, the walls, floors, and any other fixture within the washroom. Also, if there are minor repairs needed, or a defective plug, grouting, and sealant needed to be replaced, we will fix them all. The urinal traps and pipe works are cleaned and any blockage present, cleared. We will ensure that we will improve the standard of hygiene in your washroom, which in turn, prolongs the lifespan of the amenities in that bathroom.

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